Eight Week Certification


Every Suncoast Squadron Cadet must pass a certification test within approximately 8 weeks of joining. This will test their knowledge of the following: 

  • Military/24-hour time in even and half hours

  • Rank Structure of the US Naval Sea Cadet Corps

  • Phonetic alphabet used in the military. Practice spelling your name! 

  • Basic facing movements and commands

  • A copy of the 8 week test is attached for your use.

Correspondence Courses


Every Suncoast Squadron Cadet must complete correspondence courses as part of their participation. At least two courses must be completed each calendar year for advancement purposes. All coursework can be accessed at the Homeport Site.

Here is the link: 

Cadets should be working on coursework throughout the year. Time is provided during the monthly drill to do homework or coursework. Cadets should also be doing coursework on their own time.

For Further Information

Have questions, comments or concerns about training? Use the form below to contact Training and we will get back with you as soon as possible!

Cadet Training

For a cadet to maximize their success in the Sea Cadet program, they should attend basic and advanced training as often as possible.


This will enable them to promote regularly and gain the satisfaction of the knowledge of various aspects of the military. Suncoast Squadron has an excellent staff of officers to assist cadets in preparing for this training.


Note: weekend overnight drills prepare cadets for the experience of being away from home and acting with integrity away from home. When a cadet arrives at a training, they will not feel too much homesickness as they are prepared for being away from home.


Staying overnight with the unit is mandatory for drills. Only exceptions are for work, school or family commitments and must be authorized by Command. 


It is about educating the cadets to achieve their maximum potential and prepare for a successful future!

Cadet Indoctrination


Every new Suncoast Squadron Cadet should review the attached presentation to prepare for a great cadet career.

How to Apply for Training

Find available trainings at this button: 


Click on details to see requirements for training and availability.

  • Cadets MUST past the Physical Readiness Test (PRT) within the last 6 months in order to sign up for training.

  • Cadets wishing to attend Recruit Training MUST complete the BMR.

  • Additionally, they should know their 11 General Orders, Rank and Recognition, and Chain of Command

  • ID Cards must be current for the time of the training.

  • Contact the Training Officer, ENS George Snow or OPS Officer LCDR Lois MacFarland when you know what training you are interested in. One of them will sign up the cadet. DO NOT contact them unless you meet all eligibility requirements.

  • DO NOT contact the COTC personally.

  • Parents need to download and fill out NSCADM001 Form Pages 3-10. The form can be found here:

  • The Medical History is pages 3-4. Medical Exam is pages 5-6. Medical History Supplemental is pages 7-8 and Request for Accommodation is pages 9-10.

  • Medical History should be filled out but DO NOT DATE the form.

  • If Accommodations are not needed, mark the form with a large N/A. If Supplemental is not needed, mark the form with a large N/A. A medical exam must be completed by a physician within the last 12 months before training. Make copies of all forms and money order before giving to the training department.

  • A money order made out to USNSCC must accompany the forms and given to the training officer.

  • NOTE WELL: every Cadet and Staff Cadet will receive an evaluation from the training. This eval will be reviewed by the Suncoast Commanding Officer, Executive Officer, Operations Officer and Training Officer. Make sure your behavior and attitude at your training reflect positively upon yourself and your Unit.

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