Course Materials


Materials to be covered during this 14-day evolution include:

  • Chain of Command

  • Military Customs & Courtesies

  • Wear of the Uniform

  • Fold and stow

  • Military Drill

  • Physical Training

  • Color Guard Duties

  • Military/24-hour time in even and half hours

  • Rank Structure of the US Naval Sea Cadet Corps

  • Phonetic alphabet used in the military. Practice spelling your name!

  • Basic facing movements and commands

  • 11 General Orders of a Sentry

  • The Sailors' Creed

  • A copy of the 8 week test is attached for your use. This study guide will help you prepare for RT

Welcome Letter, sea bag list, and required forms are now posted! Review all materials in their entirety.










BMR ASSIGNMENTS 1, 5, 6, 9, & 10 must be completed to attend this training. COTC will review prior to confirming your cadet's attendance.


Recruit Training Florida 2019

For a cadet to maximize their success in the Sea Cadet program, they should attend basic training as soon as possible after their enrollment. 

This will enable them to promote regularly and gain the satisfaction of the knowledge of various aspects of the military. The RTFL staff has an excellent group of officers to assist cadets in preparing for this training.

Note: This is NOT a boot camp experience in the traditional sense. There will be no HAZING, HARASSMENT or YELLING at Cadets. HOWEVER, strict discipline will be followed during the 2 weeks of the boot camp. Each cadet and officer will be expected to maintain the highest standards of performance and conduct throughout the evolution.  

It is about educating the cadets to achieve their maximum potential and prepare for a successful future!

Fair warning: This is a very challenging training in a warm climate. Prepare now by doing the following

  • Stop drinking soda pop or energy drinks. Cadets will not drink any caffeinated beverages during the 2 weeks of this training.

  • Start exercising now! We will be marching to and from chow to each meal, a distance of 1 mile from our drill site. If you are on the Xbox all day, you will have a challenging experience at RT. Running, pushups, situps need to have more of a role in your preparation.

  • All male recruits will receive a regulation recruit training haircut! Female recruits and Staff Cadets must have their hair within regs. No exceptions. Males will be expected to maintain a clean-shaven appearance at all times.

  • Recruits will NOT have access to their cell phones or the internet during this training. Parents are encouraged to send letters to their cadets. A mailing address will be provided later. Cadets will be encouraged to write home also. DO NOT SEND FOOD, PRESENTS, STUFFED ANIMALS, ETC. ONLY LETTERS PLEASE!

  • There will be FUN events also in this training. It will not be all work-no play! Your behavior will dictate the ratio.

  • Interested in staffing? Contact the COTC for an interview. STAFF CADETS Should be 2nd Class or higher to request. Preference will be given to 2nd classes and above. POLA is a must!

The cost of the training is $300.00. You must send a money order to the COTC at the address below. Do NOT send any money until your cadet's orders are confirmed. Send your money not later than JUN 06 or you may lose your spot to those on the waiting list.




LCDR Kevin MacFarland, NSCC

24444 Kiwi Ln.

Brooksville, FL 34601

Basic Cadet Indoctrination


Every new Cadet and parent should review the attached presentation to prepare for a great career.


  • We know that for some of you, this will be the first time your cadet will be away from home for an extended period. Rest assured, they will be cared for very well and will have the support they need to complete this training.

  • Trying to contact your cadet is not advisable other than through a letter. In an emergency you may contact the COTC.

  • We will have a strong presence on Facebook. That account has been included in the Welcome Letter.

For Further Information

Have questions, comments or concerns about training? Use the form below to contact Training and we will get back with you as soon as possible!

Requirements for Recruit Training

Find RT-FL-1902 on the training site: 


  • Cadets MUST past the Physical Readiness Test (PRT) within the last 6 months in order to sign up for training.

  • Cadets wishing to attend Recruit Training MUST complete the BMR. Send a screen shot of your course completion.

  • Additionally, they should know their 11 General Orders, Rank and Recognition, and Chain of Command

  • ID Cards must be current for the time of the training.

  • Contact your unit and ask them to sign you up for RT-FL-1902. Ask them to help you complete the required forms and send a screen shot of your BMR completion.

  • DO NOT contact the COTC personally.

  • A money order for $300.00 made out to USNSCC must be submitted when confirmed.  

  • NOTE WELL: every Cadet and Staff Cadet will receive an evaluation from the training. This eval will be returned to your unit for review by your Commanding Officer. Make sure your behavior and attitude at your training reflect positively upon yourself and your Unit.

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