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Every Suncoast Squadron Cadet must pass a certification test within approximately 8 weeks of joining. This will test their knowledge of the following: 

  • Military/24-hour time in even and half hours

  • Rank Structure of the US Naval Sea Cadet Corps

  • Phonetic alphabet used in the military. Practice spelling your name! 

  • Basic facing movements and commands

  • A copy of the 8 week test is attached for your use.

For Our Parents/Guardians

As the parent or guardian of our cadets, your involvement is critical to the success of our program. Your assistance in preparing your cadet for drills, activities, and inspections will provide a strong foundation for regular advancement in the program.


Suncoast Squadron drills one weekend per month. The Plan of the Year contains all of the known events but of course is subject to change.

Note: weekend overnight drills prepare cadets for the experience of being away from home and acting with integrity away from home. When a cadet arrives at a training, they will not feel too much homesickness as they are prepared for being away from home.

Cadets may grumble about the overnight drills, but as they become accustomed to them it will become second nature. It also reduces the amount of travel you must make to the base on drill weekends and give yous an opportunity for some R&R of your own!


Cadets may be excused for family, sports, or work commitments. An email from the Parent/Guardian to the Operations Officer is requested so we understand why the cadet is not staying overnight or leaving early. We want to ensure that your cadet's safety is protected at all times.

For Further Information

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